Vital Weekly number 528, issue 22

(CD by Braintone)
A new name for me and most Vital readers I suppose. Braintone is the outlet of composer
and trombonist Brian Allen. He operates mainly in the south east of the States. And with
'Synapse' we can now count five releases that feature Allen: Duo (with Reuben Radding,)
Solo Trombone, Brain Killer and Sketchy. With 'Synapse' trombonist and composer Allen
presents his new trio. It has Brian Allen on trombone, Tony Malaby on tenor saxophone and
Tom Rainey on drums. His mates on this trio CD are more known musicians. Tony Malaby
plays with Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Bobby Previte, a.o. Like Malaby Tom Rainey played
with too many to mention musicians. Nowadays he concentrates his work as a collaborator
of projects by Tim Berne. Considering what they normally do, I guess they play very free on
this one. They do it in a way that leaves room for everybody. It is a set of well balanced and
concentrated improvisations. All three of them are equally involved and inspired. Maybe it is
sax-player Tony Malaby who takes most initiatives if I have to chose. But it is especially the
drummer who caught my attention. He plays in a economical, effective and funny way.
Modest without unnecessary fuzz. This typifies the improvisations of this trio as well. These
guys have so much experience and personality that through a splendid interplay they
succeed in creating some solid free improvisations. (DM)
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