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by Dave Wayne

Brian Allen's Solo Trombone is a rough-hewn gem.  Most apparent is Allen's innate sense of
swing.  He's one of those guys who can't help but swing, no matter how the abstract the music
gets.  Each of the 20 diverse performances on Solo Trombone is well-paced, and beautifully
executed.  Though there are a few pieces that are quite free, noisy, and experimental, the
majority of Solo Trombone grows out of thematic materials, sort of like a jazz tune would.  As an
improviser, Allen seems to come out of the Roswell Rudd / Gary Valente / Ray Anderson school
of expressionistic modern jazz trombone players, but he never gets hung up in his own bluster
or silliness.  Allen wisely tempers his taste for broad humor with skillful and soulful, even lyrical
playing.  Best of all, Allen is not a one-trick pony; he approaches this music from every
conceivable angel, and always seems to make it work.  Solo Trombone is available directly from
Brian Allen, who can be reached at: or via email at: