The critics weigh in on my trombone solo "The Shreik of Araby" from Alex Coke's
"Iraqnophobia" available on the VoxLox Label.

Raucous...which opens the gnarly 7/4 blues "Straddle the Camel."  This keeps the
pacing brisk and the ideas flowing, and it's just another example of why this fine
recordong stands out from the pack. Dig in." - Jason Bivins, Cadence

"Among the solos, trombonist Brian Allan's
wild take on "The Sheik of Araby" stands
out." - Chris Kelsey, Jazztimes

wobbly camel ride, played as a blues on trombone, as might be envisioned by
Thelonious Monk." - Austin American Statesman

unbridled" - Doug Ramsey's Rifftides